I wanted to start my first blog with one of my most asked questions. What is a Twin flame?

A Twin Flame, of TF as i will now refer to it, is the other part of your soul. before we incarnate as a who we are here on earth, we have an or are an " Over soul" or "Higher self" that watches over us while we are here...its also watching over us in all the incarnations we ever have, because time doesn't exist ( stay with me, this is the science part)

Albert Einstein's Theory of relativity tells us that time is an illusion, and as humans, we have managed to measure something immeasurable. Our higher self is us, and part of us splits off to live lives so that the higher self can learn and grow. The more our higher self grows and ascends the bigger it gets, so eventually when we incarnate, we have to split, your TF is the other half of your soul ( see image 1)

twin flames are one, and like magnets there is a positive and a negative polarity. Otherwise known as Divine Feminine ( DF) and Divine Masculine (DM)

if the positive polarity of a magnet pushes towards the negative, you see that it is repelled and no matter how hard you push, it always runs away.... same with DF and DM

DF needs to learn to stop pushing and surrender to the universe, whatever will be will be, and learn self love and healing and ascension alone, without DM.

eventually, DM will come back for physical union.... or not, the DF needs to let go of the outcome, or there wont be an outcome.

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