Hello my love!


Thank you so much for reaching out for your personal Tarot reading.


To start, I would like to tell you a bit about how my personal readings work.  I only do love readings, but you can ask me as many questions as you want, to get the information you need.


I will record your reading and upload it to my channel as an "UNLISTED" video.  This means it will stay PRIVATE it can only be accessed by you with the private link I give you. 


Your reading will stay on my channel as an "UNLISTED" video and you will be able to watch it whenever you wish.   You will be able to share the link with other people if you choose to do so, it is up to you ,it is your private reading, the decision is yours.


As you are here, you may have already seen my free YouTube (JenTV Tarot) where i do general readings for the collective of each zodiac sign.  So, if you have viewed some of my work you will be aware I have a relaxed approach to my readings, like we are hanging out as friends.  


I take the same approach in a private reading.  However, it is on the personal level, I consider my clients to be my friends, they are not just clients.


And, unlike some other Tarot readers I don’t limit you to a couple of questions.  You can ask me as many questions as you need to get the clarity you want.


Due to the personalised in-depth readings I offer, the number of people contacting me for readings and the details and quality of the readings I do, it does take me between 5 and 7 days to complete a full reading, get it recorded and uploaded.


Now for the business end.  The readings usually last anywhere between 25 and 40 minutes and my fee for your personal tarot reading is $150


I will apologise in advance if my readings are longer than 40 minutes,  I just want to do everything I can to give you the answers you need. 


If you want a reading on the phone in person with me, I charge $350 for 1 hour.

I don’t run over the hour but you have my full attention and can ask as many love questions as you wish. Due to timezone differences I can only do between 10am and 2 pm GMT  


So if you are ready to get a personal reading with me, just go ahead and click the 'Buy Now' button below to join the waiting list. 

I’m Looking forward to reading for you. 

Jen x